Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saints, Digits And Paws, I Swear!

It’s been some week. “Hellish” sprang to mind -- just like “that”-- without even trying!

We hear wonderful words of encouragement from GREEN DARKNESS fans, who swear to cross their digits, paws (!) and even pray to the saints if only that will help us get this film made! We are so very grateful!

Seems like we may need some heavy-duty prayers—because we’re providing a good deal of our own swearing. Half kidding. LOL

Our initial foray into marketing hasn’t achieved the projected targets. We had planned on a far higher (perhaps unrealistic?--we are only human after all) rate of “Yes, send it. We’d love to read it” than we got.

Sigh. Back to the keyboard, to tap, tap, tap our brains for more persuasive pitching materials and then we’re off again, at a more modest pace.

Dang, if this marketing stuff isn’t enough to make a person mosey up to a bar and ask for a bottle! Sure, we've marketed scripts before, but this time we're doing it semi-publicly...

Hooray! We’re now getting  more script requests with our amended synopsis and query letter. Whew!

As those of you who are screenwriters know, "just" getting the script into the hands of a producer, agent or manager doesn’t guarantee a sale, nor a speedy response. It can take a year and occasionally even longer for busy execs to get to their pile of scripts.

What’s a person to do? We hang in, we keep our heads and stay away from those bars!

Never wait. Thus we start on the next project. I’m turning one of my comedy scripts into a novel; Marla’s working on her rewrite of a comedy.

If you hear of any sanity for sale, think of us, would you? And pray, pray, pray….:)

Till next time~~


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