Monday, May 5, 2014

Reincarnation Is for the Dogs?

At the heart of GREEN DARKNESS are several controversial topics -- reincarnation being one in the mix.
Angela and I would like to share some thoughts with you.

Marla’s Musings: Like the Buddhists, I believe reincarnation happens. Maybe my beliefs are not so deep as those of the monks, however I can't help but think, nay believe, that our spirits are on a learning journey that continues from lifetime to lifetime. That we have to learn from our mistakes, whether in this life or in the next... but that's getting into the realm of karma. I also believe that at some point on this learning curve, your spirit, or soul if you prefer, will have learned all it needs to learn and is granted everlasting bliss in heaven.
My father, who was born and raised as a staunch Catholic, was a man with a mind open to many possibilities. He used to joke that he was "coming back as Marla's next dog" because of the love and care I lavished on my pets. Is it wrong of me to feel a twinge of guilt that life's circumstances have prevented me from having another dog since Dad's death? Scholars could debate that for eons; Freud would be able to analyze that until he blew his own mind.

Angela’s Meditations: From the time I started to wonder why we were here, I felt a deep connection to the past. Why did specific historical periods resonate so strongly with me? Why certain authors? Did I do something in a past life/lives that caused the circumstances I find myself in today? Reincarnation was a natural explanation for me. The laws of physics say that energy can neither be created or destroyed. If that’s true then where does the energy of our “spirit” go? If everything is recycled, why not our energy or spirit? It makes sense to me and it’s the belief of the majority of humans.

My mother was the one I shared these beliefs with. We both found meaning and purpose in the idea of making as much of each lifetime as possible. It's comforting to think that all our trials and tribulations earn points for the next time around. All our talents pass along with us and ...go easy on the karma for our sins please! LOL
Angela and Marla: Perhaps this is why we both love the story of GREEN DARKNESS. For us, finding reincarnation in GREEN DARKNESS and wanting to bring it to the big screen wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination.

The love of Richard/Stephen for Celia present/past would not, could not, simply vanish. It demanded justice. It yearned to be given the chance of redemption.
Please share your beliefs on this issue with us. We look forward to reading your comments.

Until next time~~
Marla & Angela