Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Green Darkness YOUR Favorite Book?

Recently, we were thrilled to hear that one of our blog followers had found a mention of GREEN DARKNESS in a book she was reading! The book was THE UNFINISHED GARDEN by Barbara Claypole White. A character declares that Green Darkness is her favorite book!
Our curiosity was tickled, so we contacted Barbara White and she confirmed that it is HER favorite novel as well. I guess the character was speaking from the author's heart. :-)
We were so delighted with her response and enthusiasm for a film version of the book that we decided not to let the momentum lapse.
We then contacted Barbara Samuel-O'Neal who wrote the preface to the latest edition of GREEN DARKNESS. She was thrilled to hear of our project as well and said she'd mention it in her blog. 

We have heard from a number of our blog readers, who have told us the same thing. 
GREEN DARKNESS is not just a "well-loved" book it is a FAVORITE!
GREEN DARKNESS was on the Bestsellers list for 6 MONTHS! We can't get firm statistics, but we estimate AT LEAST 250,000 copies sold during that time. 
The book has been in print almost constantly since 1972.
It has been translated into at least 9 languages. 
There's a study guide online. has designated it a "Rediscovered Classic". 
We asked ourselves, if this was the favorite of novelists, then there must be hundreds, perhaps even hundreds of thousands? of others who are still  great fans of this book. 
We need to find them. Are you one?
If GREEN DARKNESS is one of your favorite books, please let us know!
If you would like to see this on the screen, please let us know!
Waiting to hear from you~~
Angela & Marla

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Let the bells ring out, and the small banners fly -- our little blog about adapting the novel GREEN DARKNESS into a feature screenplay hit the 5,161 viewership mark on April 3rd.

We can add Argentina, China, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Turkey and Afghanistan to the countries from which our fans check out our blog.

Angela and I often feel like we're climbing our own form of Mount Everest. We have obviously left the base of the mountain, but we can't quite see the pinnacle -- in our case that could be two things/events  a. signing an option agreement with a producer or b. watching our screenplay-turned-feature-film on the big screen at the premiere.

So we'd call having our blog pass the 5000 mark our first 'base camp' along the climb. (Finding the number of yearly tourist visits to Ightham Mote, Cowdray Castle, and Naworth Castle was an estimated 500,000 was like having someone toss us down an extra safety rope coated with encouragement!)

This base camp is a safe ledge area where we stop for a breath, look up at what we have to achieve next.

We've come so far, it's true, but we never look back -- always look ahead!

Stick with us. Give us a push as often as you can. We will get the GREEN DARKNESS movie made!

Marla & Angela