Friday, September 14, 2012

For Now, Silence is Golden

Hello, Green Darkness novel fans.
Yes, we mean you... all 3,000 of you who have been reading our blog since we began posting. We truly appreciate your dedication to dropping in on this site. Especially since our updates have become rather sporadic.
We both dislike the cliché 'no news is good news', however, in this instance, concerning our GREEN DARKNESS adaptation screenplay, it truly does hold an element of truth.
This entry wouldn't be complete without mentioning another adage that actors have long claimed describes their working conditions on a film set - "it's all hurry up and wait".
The time has come for screenwriters to claim shared ownership of that expression. It aptly describes some of the frustrations we encounter when dealing with the Biz of Hollywood. That saying is at least preferable to the interminable 'silent no'.
Keep checking this blog, fans.
The news, good news, could come at any time.
Marla & Angela