Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother Hen and The Roosterlady Are Not Chicken!

Brooding mothers unite! We are so well matched, Marla and I, like sisters who were separated at birth. But I’m taller than she is and she’s younger than I am.

People call Marla “Mother Marla” and just for the record, I have been dubbed a mother hen on many an occasion, but I am far better known as the “Roosterlady”, because of all the rooster paintings I did before I discovered screenwriting.

Through our combined valiant querying efforts, Marla and I have pushed 10 eggs (our script, 10 times, ouch!) out into the world to be incubated by 10 companies, mostly producers but a couple of managers too. We hope they will help hatch out many viable chicks by their “yes” responses to our script.

There are too many fowl puns we could use to describe the torturous process of sending out queries to companies. Those stomach butterflies pale in comparison to querying our preferred actors’ managers, however! Let’s just say we’re not chicken….  

I admit it, yes, we’ve cracked (each other) up! 

My apologies to those who aren't up to a blog of puns, blame it on the stress if you must.



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