Thursday, March 27, 2014

Naworth Castle - its private and public sides

Hello, to all the patient fans of GREEN DARKNESS. We are still on track, looking for a producer to take the adaptation to the next step toward a film.

We have also been trying to get a response from Naworth Castle. After many attempts, we have done some research of our own. 

In the absence of a Q & A  with the present owners of Naworth Castle, let's talk about the location in part III of our series of GREEN DARKNESS locations.

Naworth Castle, known as "Naward" in historical documents, traces its origins back to the late 1200s or 1335 depending on the source your reference. In GREEN DARKNESS it is located in Scotland, but today it's officially listed as being in Cumbria, England, a mere 10 miles from today's Scottish Border.
Ownership of the 2,000 acre estate changed hands several times over the 700 years of its existence, starting with the Baron Dacre. The present owner Philip Howard is the 13th Earl of Carlisle, one in a long line of Earls.

This romantic stronghold is not open to the public as a day-to-day hotel, but exclusive overnight stays can be arranged for a minimum of 10-18 people who will stay in the bedrooms in the Dacre, Morpeth, and Lord William's towers and the courtyard rooms.

Tours can also be arranged to see the 2 pre-Raphaelite libraries, Medieval dungeons, Great Hall, and Lord William's bedchamber. Philip Howard will serve as your guide. Weddings performed at the estate have been scaled back since 2002 when it reverted to being just a private home. That said, official ceremonies have still been known to happen at Naworth from April - September.

Films and TV productions have used Naworth as a shooting location since the 1980s. The castle's medieval exterior and grounds need little or no dressing for period pieces, as does the adjoining walled garden with its 17th century feel. The 20 rooms in the west wing have been stripped down to the original stonework, making them perfect for authentic, interior sets. 

We wonder what Anya Seton would think of Naworth Castle in the light of today's ongoing improvements -- something tells us, she might have had her characters spend more time at this grand estate.

It looks like a wonderfully atmospheric location. Don't you agree?

Till next time~~
Marla and Angela