Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Is A Script Like A Fat Lady?

When it sings, Baby! LOL

We know we’re finished at last-- because our script is “singing”. What does that mean exactly? It’s hard to explain, but it’s akin to the difference between a hothouse tomato and one that’s ripened on the vine. You can just taste it! One looks like a tomato and even tastes like a tomato, but the other one explodes in your mouth and makes all other tomatoes a dim memory.

Our script was OK before. Heck, we thought it was damn good! :) but we made a few tweaks after we got the final critique and WOW what a difference! The changes were really very minor. It was what I would call a Fast Polish.

We are now both really excited and ready to market with no reservations.

On to the next phase—Pitching.

We’ve had so much fun, we’re already wondering what to work on next! But we’ll wait on that for a bit and let our minds and bodies recover from this stress first.

Stay tuned for the responses! Fingers and all other appendages crossed, please!


Angela and Marla

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