Thursday, April 14, 2011

Name That Writer!

We give up! We'll never solve this mystery...

Excerpt from a recent phone conversation while fine-tuning the latest draft of our adaptation of GREEN DARKNESS:

Angela:  I don't know where you got that quote, but I like it there.
Marla:  Me?  You should know where it came from, you put it in.
Angela:  No I didn’t! You did!
Marla:  No I didn’t!
Angela:  Yes you did. 
Marla:  Well, I didn't write it.
Angela:  I thought you did.
                                                      Marla:  I thought you did.
                                                      Angela:  Oh my God, we don't know who wrote what anymore!
                                                      Marla:  And we're arguing about it!
No, we weren't unintentionally performing our own spontaneous version of Abbot & Costello's 'who's on first' routine. It seems we've created a screenwriting version of the Vulcan mind meld: Scriptwriters' Synchronicity – or maybe great minds really do think alike? And please don’t go to the corollary of that statement! LOL

Marla tells me that sometimes she'll read sections of her own screenplays and not remember writing it. Maybe psychic Sylvia Browne was right when she told Marla that Marla's late father was always helping her write. Psychic writing? Channelling from the afterlife? Hey, did her Dad know my Mom? I’ve had the same experience, time and again.

But now we’re having that subconscious experience simultaneously while we’re supposed to be collaborating. Did I mention that we changed the first scene and I suggested to Marla that we should add a certain detail-- and she’d already done it? 

So who’s going to take the final bow?
Angela: Not me!
Marla: Okay, not you.
Angela: You don’t always have to agree with me.
Marla: Right. Just eventually…
Angela: We’ll bow together. 

Bowing out until the next time!
Angela and Marla 

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