Saturday, February 19, 2011

We’ve Picked Our “Dream” Actor for the Protagonist!

We wrote the script without a specific cast in mind but since I spotted THE PERFECT actor for the protagonist, the project has suddenly become all that much more real to both of us.

I’ve been able to watch a BBC series he was in and the more I see, the more convinced I become that he can do absolute justice to this part. I can now see and hear him saying our dialogue. This is really exciting!

He may not be an A-Lister YET, but he’s on the list of sexiest British historical actors –and he’s first! Plus, he’s going to be in a couple of blockbusters coming out soon, so his profile will be on the rise.

There is still the matter of his availability and willingness~~

I didn’t think this would be easy or simple, but it’s a good start. We'll wait for a recommend before approaching his agent. Of course this will be just one of our marketing strategies. We plan to work the 'usual' route of pitching to producers as well.

Keep your fingers crossed for a “dreamy” result! Is it hot in here?

Angela …and Marla

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