Saturday, February 26, 2011

The First Review Is In!

The verdict from our consultation has finally arrived! We have some rewriting to do. Go figure!

The feedback covered many points that we’d done well and some areas that are still weak. It’s great to know where we’re on the right track.

We've decided to rewrite based on the notes we received. The notes indicated that we were getting into the story too late -- and looking at it objectively, we completely agree. We had tried to stay in the 'present' part of the story too long. Our previous midpoint will move to the end of Act One.

A new outline will be our next step in the restructuring process.

The consultant pointed out two areas of concern, so we’re going to eliminate those to remove any confusion.

We’re not totally starting over, just beginning the script again! :)

This is why it’s crucial to get professional feedback! Even script consultants use a script consultant.

We’ll be kneading our brains for the next while, but we’ve received questions and will be answering those in the meantime.

So stay tuned~~
Angela and Marla

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