Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Man's Land

We’re in the throes of rewriting and it’s proving to be a test of our ability to get along. It’s not that we argue, we just have differences of opinion and we’re both stubborn! LOL Maybe there’s a benefit to being in different cities!

We’ve received feedback from two trusted sources and some changes (substantial deviations from the outline) have been made. Perhaps it’s a blessing at this point that the author is deceased, though she may be turning in her grave at some of the changes we’re making to her “baby”. Most of the changes have been in the “present” part of our story. It’simpossible to reveal the changes without creating spoilers, so I’ll just leave it at that. We still have some scenes that may be entirely reworked.

After that, we’ll each go through the script making a note of any line that needs work by changing its color. We’ll then discuss each questionable line over the phone until one of us is "thrilled" with it. It may seem like a tedious way to go about it, but we think the result wlll be worth it.

So on we slog, through the muddy confusion of rewriting, before the marketing battle begins...

Stay tuned as the word bullets fly!



  1. About the part of the story in the XVI century, I'm sure you will make it just the way it all happened, I believe you both have as Anya Seton had, the same intuition & passion, and will be able to "listen" the echo of the past, just like she was able to. I think she was a kind of mystic soul, and that you're not on this project by chance.. I'm convinced myself the novel is based in a very true story, and Seton, more than "write it" or "imagine it", simply found it, and revealed it.
    The past went by, but the "present" part... mmm.. Can be happening today? I'm sure you will also "discover" it. I'll try to be patient!!

    May I ask you, do you believe in reincarnation? ;) Maybe you were there, and now you are telling us this beautiful story ..
    P.S.: I certainly was there, so please, feel free to ask me any question !!

  2. Hi, Celia:
    We also feel we are not in this project by chance and yes, we believe in reincarnation.
    As to whether we will write the story exactly as it happened, the length of the film will ultimately be determined by the producers.
    We have mined the story for its very "essence" and told it that way. I hope you'll agree that we did it justice.
    Please bear in mind that film is a very different medium from a novel and that some concessions will have to be made.