Sunday, November 4, 2012


It’s Hallowe’en week.

This year it’s been overshadowed and drowned out by catastrophic weather events in the Eastern US. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storm.

It’s the end of Daylight Saving Time too—tonight we turn back the clock. Oh, how we wish that was truly possible! Yet in our imaginations and on film we can do just that.

At this time especially, we turn to entertainment to lighten our loads when possible. Entertainment seems so trivial most of the time, but we humans most need it when the world looks its bleakest. We go to a film to live someone else’s reality and be moved to forget our own cares.

As writers, we can slip into that alternate reality probably more easily than most. We live in our imaginations. We create new worlds and spice them with characters who challenge and entice us.

This time of year draws me and Marla right into the heart of GREEN DARKNESS. One of the pivotal scenes in our adaptation script takes place on that ghostly night. It’s on Hallowe’en at Cowdray Castle that our script makes the transition into Act 2. A violent event there precipitates all that is to follow. The protagonist launches onto their journey --into the past-- to unearth the underlying cause of their present day circumstances.

It’s a colorful and visually exciting scene as the drama unfolds… The really cool fact is that there IS a celebration at Cowdray Castle every Hallowe’en.
Townsfolk dress in mediaeval costumes and dance the night away within the Castle’s haunted ruins. Some hold ghost vigils. Mwa ha ha.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the night. Can you?

Here’s hoping your Hallowe’en was more “treat” than “trick”!

Till next time...

Angela and Marla


  1. Green Darkness is my favorite book of all time. I read it first as a high school teen and then countless times there after. I have often thought it would make for a spectacular motion picture. Who do you visualize as Richard/ Stephen Marsden? Celia? Dr. Akanada? Good luck with your project!

    1. Hi, Frannie:
      We have envisioned a number of actors for those parts, but in the end we won't be given the choice. We are only the screenwriters.
      It all depends as well on how long it will take to get the film made once we find a producer. It's not unusual for there to be e lo-o-ng interim. Therefore any actor who might be suitable now might not be in a few years. Sigh.
      Don't lose heart. We're not giving up anytime soon!
      Long live the GREEN DARKNESS!!! :)

    2. Yes, of course, I do realize that as screen writers you are not involved in the casting. However, as lovers of the book...who did you envision in this role when you first read it? When I was younger I saw someone like Richard Chamberlin (because of course I was also reading the Thorn birds around the same time. Lol!) But today I see someone like Robert Pattinson, who I think would make for a charismatic and believable Richard/Stephen Marsden. I think Amanda Seyfried would make a fabulous Celia.
      I am so excited for this book to finally make its journey to the silver screen! I hope that it won’t be years down the road before it reaches its final destination, because at age 53, well, I’m not getting any fresher. ;)

      PS: In a later post you asked about authors whose favorite book is cited as Green Darkness. I have spoken to several authors over the years on various blogs who have listed GD as their number one, myself included!

    3. Hi, Frannie:
      Are you psychic? LOL
      We have Robert Pattinson on our wishlist as well as Amanda Seyfried! We also have a host of others. I think Richard Armitage would be a fabulous Richard/Stephen! I can see and hear him speak the dialogue. It will all depend on who is available at the time. And if much more time passes, the actors we want may be too old! Fingers crossed.
      We're thrilled to hear that GREEN DARKNESS is a fave among other authors. Could you do us a favor and spread the word to them as well? You never know on whose receptive ears a positive word will land.
      Angela and Marla