Friday, November 30, 2012


                Angela and I are embarking on a publicity campaign to draw attention to our adaptation screenplay of GREEN DARKNESS the novel.

                Normally, this would be the job of a producer’s publicist, but, for now, since we took the initiative and optioned the screenplay rights to the book… well, we have to continue to think outside the box and break new ground that will lead to getting our script optioned.

                To that end, we need your help. Whether you’re from Spain, New Zealand, Russia, America, England, Canada, France, Germany, Australia or any other country that has shown up on our visitor stats, we ask you to do one or all of the following:

- Tweet #GreenDarknessadapationscript. Tweet and re-tweet until it’s trending worldwide!
-‘Like’ our Green Darkness Adaptation page on Facebook
-Post #GreenDarknessadapationscript on your LinkedIn sites.
-Comment on this blog site, telling us about Romance Writers Groups, Romance Novel fan groups and networks, Romance readers’ book clubs, etc. that we should contact to advise them about the work we’ve put our hearts into to bring this classic story to the big screen.

                These actions, along with others you may think we have overlooked, will make producers notice that we have a great script available to be optioned and purchased.

                Wide-spread mention online = producers taking notice = producers developing a passion for our project = a demand for the script.

                Help us shine a spotlight on our GREEN DARKNESS script and we’ll see you at the cinemas in record time.

                Thank you and keep reading this blog for progress --

Marla & Angela


  1. I love this book. Good luck with your screenplay!

    1. Jane: Thanks! We sincerely appreciate the passion of all the fans of the book! Please spread the word. You never know who may be paying attention!