Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Steps --Pt. 2--The Real Work Begins

In Part 1, we covered the discussions we had concerning an approach to adapting GREEN DARKNESS. The novel is long and dense with outstanding historical research, but we learned that two previous attempts had been made to adapt this material. Third time’s the charm? We knew we had to get it right!

We also came to an agreement about who our protagonist would be in the present (not exactly straightforward, because there were at least three ways to go ) and started making a point-form listing of the beats we wanted to include. That became version 1.

As each of us approved/agreed/disagreed with the other's additions or changes, we entered our new additions in a contrasting color and changed approved points to black to eliminate any confusion.

The versions flew back and forth by email - we don't live in the same city - topped by several calls. By version 10 we both felt like we had a pretty solid base. Then it was time to let the outline settle for a few days. Never rush an outline - it needs to be sturdy and complete before you begin to flesh out the structure. Just like ensuring the framework for a house isn't missing a beam before you roof it or letting a driveway settle before you pave it—screenplays are built on solid structures.

True to form, Angela's strength, mentioned earlier, created several plot points that worked to enhance motivations and explain what drove one of our characters to the desperate actions we have planned for them. Thus versions 11 and 12 of the outline came into being.

Is the outline completed? At version 14, we're definitely closer than before.

What do you think step 5 is on our checklist?

Please keep following our process -

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