Friday, June 5, 2015


Due to circumstances beyond our control and with the deepest regret, we are letting the dream of seeing GREEN DARKNESS made into a movie go.
It was our intent to stay with it for the long haul, but that has become impossible.
To all the fans, we say adieu and thanks for hanging in with us. 
We fear the project may never come to pass.
Farewell  to all~~

Angela and Marla


  1. Having read Green Darkness 50+ years ago, I still remember it and it remains my favorite book of all time. I found your blog and last post that it may never be made into a movie....How very very sad that others will never know Ms. Seton's wonderful book. I beg you to not give up!! More producers are being born every day!! Actors turned producers, actors turned directors! This is a genre that needs to be born again!

  2. Cries all the tears.
    Truly, my favorite book of all time. It deserves to be brought to life. I wanted Robert Pattinson to play the part of Stephen Marsdon. He was my Stephen. Oh well ... maybe his son or grandson will one day take on the role. But by then I expect I will be reincarnated myself at least once or twice. Reaches for tissues.