Monday, October 6, 2014

Why hasn’t GREEN DARKNESS been made into a movie?

Fans of GREEN DARKNESS, including both of us, have asked and re-asked that question. We had heard from the publisher that we were not the first ones to take out a screenplay option on the novel.
Why weren't the previous optioners successful? 

While there may be no answer, we can’t help but wrack our brains with the question. We came up with  a few theories:
1) Perhaps they didn't try hard enough? 

2)Maybe they didn't love the book the way we do.

3)When the book was first published, reincarnation was a new and perhaps frightening philosophy. Since then, people have come to accept it and even if they may not believe in it themselves, they recognize that others do. Many films have dealt with the subject.

4)While this may annoy many lovers of the book, the bald fact is that Celia is not terribly likeable. She continues to pursue Stephen in the past even though he tries to keep her at arm’s length. 

5)The novel's method of returning to the past is a real stretch of the "willing suspension of disbelief". We've dealt with that differently and in a more believable way, but to do so we've made a significant shift in the story telling. It's a change that makes the story deeper and more emotional, we feel.

6)The most obvious reason? Cost. But we've taken steps to keep the costs down as well. 

Ultimately, it will be the test of time and our resources to prove whether we were right.

Plunging ever onward~~
Angela & Marla


  1. Hello there, fellow GD fans. I first read this novel back in the mid-'70s as a youngster and have revisited it many times over the decades. In fact I would say it probably is my favourite book for a variety of reasons, most of which you will appreciate.
    You may find it interesting that I actually wrote to Anya Seton back in about 1985, having visited both Cowdray and Ightham Mote as a result of the story (easy for me, being a resident Brit). A local at Ightham remembered Seton visiting for research purposes back in the late '60s, and I was both surprised and chuffed to get a reply from the lady herself shortly after receipt of my letter despite her being over 80 at the time.
    It seems by then she was in ill-health as the signature on the letter was quite shaky and, rather quirkily, in purple felt tip! She also signed herself Anya Seton Chase despite the long-standing divorce. I guess old habits die hard. Anyway, she thanked me graciously for writing and said in response to my question that the film rights were currently under discussion. She did not comment on my suggestion that Anthony Browne be played by our late Oliver Reed (not sure why I saw him in the role but I definitely did!). She also told me her sign was Aquarius as I was an astrology nut back then (though no longer!) - information readily available online now but obviously not back then.
    Anyway, I was heartened to come across your blog and discover your own acquisition of the rights with a view to writing your own screenplay. All power to you both! I am wondering if, like me, you have any casting preferences...?
    Jay from the UK

    1. Hi, Jay:
      Thanks for the long comment. Marla and I are both in Canada and haven't had the opportunity to travel to the GREEN DARKNESS locations. We envy you--for that AND having corresponded with Anya Seton! Very cool! We hope that more fans find our site. We are constantly pitching the script and hope to get the right person interested one of these days.
      In the meantime, if any occasion presents itself, please pitch the novel and this website. You never know who may be listening. We need all the help we can get. A British producer might be the trick, but it's difficult to find them from here!
      As to casting, that changes and really depends on who is available at the time. I'm really hoping to get Richard Armitage for Richard. :) I can see Oliver Reed as Anthony as well--too bad he's no longer with us. Just hope to be still "with us" by the time this is produced. I hope it doesn't take that long! LOL BTW, we posted some casting preferences in an earlier blog.
      Keep checking on us. We're not giving up.