Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Sometimes it takes years for a script to be produced. We hope that's not to be the case with our script, but the end result is all that matters.

It's taking time to complete the rewrite for several reasons. Our mentor has other obligations, plus we're not in a financial position to engage him or anyone full-time. The rewrite is being done 10 pages at a time in coordination with our mentor. After each critiquing session, we try to make the changes as quickly and as effectively as possible. Then we wait for our next scheduled working session. Our mentor does his best, but he's a busy man with projects of his own and is now teaching at UCLA as well.

So while it may feel like it's taking forever to tweak our script, we are working to make it the best adaptation possible.  We just want all our readers to know that we haven't given up.

The rewrite is moving along very well.

Damn, if the story doesn't just grab me by the throat every time! If I could just pluck it from my brain and onto the screen, we'd be done. It's too bad paper and film have to be involved! Until someone invents a brain reading machine, we're stuck with our "Medium".

Take heart, dear readers and have patience.
See you soon~~

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