Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eating Our Words or Reading Our Food?

Table Reading or Food Fight?
Writing a feature script adaptation like ours can readily be compared to creating a gourmet meal - appetizers are akin to act one; the main course to act two; dessert to act three. In a screenplay, words, phrases and dialogue add spice and surprise to the taste buds of those consuming the 'meal'.

How better to continue this comparison than by having a reading of the present draft of our GREEN DARKNESS script before we send it off for a critique?

The reading will be held around a dining table at Angela's home. Angela's Mom always told her not to read at the table--in case she got confused and ate her book! Make note--Refreshments to be held in reserve until the reading is done!

We figured organizing such an event would act like dangling a carrot in front of two donkeys (there's that food analogy again!) - Angela and I both work better/write faster with the pressure ax swinging like a pendulum over our heads. We've already chosen a new title, written a movie poster tagline, and now this new draft.

Angela proposed the table reading to an acting group from a city near her hometown. We kept the number of readers that we'd need down to a bare minimum by doubling up supporting characters and having one actor read many parts. (Our script helped a lot with this whittling of numbers, because we have three lead characters who play dual roles in the present and past.)

Wow! We were overwhelmed at the group's positive response to our proposed event. They haven't done anything like this before. Enthusiasm runs so high that we didn't object to having to go through the script again to separate the speaking parts. Fingers are crossed that everyone who wants to take part can find a date that works into their schedules.

Hopes soar that the table reading will be filmed, so Marla can see it too - we don't live in the same city. Angela may have to wear a gag so she'll refrain from defending or explaining any part of the script during the reading. She's just supposed to listen, but duct tape is at hand, just in case.

We're not under any illusion that the flavor of our words will be enough to fill stomachs. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided for our actor guests. Reading aloud can dry one's mouth.

We just hope that the spice and passion of the script doesn't result in an actual food fight worthy of posting on YouTube!

Stay tuned for the reading's result -

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